Our main legal services are:

- Service of Process: Europe and Eurasia!

- Taking Depositions: Videotape!

- Statutory Agents: International Contracts!

- Representations: Foreign Business!

- E.E.C. Research: Document Retrieval!

- Expert Witness:  All professions!



Our firm is leading the way in International Law matters, our methods have been recognized by  the up-dates of Hague Convention of 1965.  Ever changing Jurisprudence and law is a knowledge on your side  to accomplish the unthinkable.


(International Service of Process, Discoveries, Statutory Agents ...)

Transatlantic Central authority

We guarantee effective and comprehensive representation for your International Legal work, our reputation and history of successful cross border International services has given us recognition.  Our legal services speak for themselve in Canada, U.S.A. and United Kingdoms. We pride ourselves in helping courts serve documents in Eastern or Western Europe.


We serve a wide range of countries, and every service is valued greatly. Each legal engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our International expertise, even in remote locations, anywhere in Eastern of Western Europe!.