International Process Servers 
Serving Hague formal or informal and Non Hague signatories.
Everywhere in Europe or Eurasia: Rush, Private Personal or simple.
European Process Servers
WELCOME to Serve fast Europe: Reliable, Immediate and Legal international service of process, everywhere within Europe and Eurasia, all countries and cities (including remote locations), all for a flat fee all included. Services are completed  with confidentiality, Integrity and Affidavit legal back up. We are qualified legal professionals in Civil and Commercial matters for Judicial or extra-Judicial service. Our services are always compliant with the Hague Convention of 1965, 1954  and 1970, and E.E.C. regulations. We respect local and foreign rules of Civil procedure to guarantee future exequatur and minimal possibilities of  dismissal, thereto, our services are guaranteed in delivery to the addressee and in Court.

We serve from Postal or Courier to Confidential Private Personal Service of Process in all cities of Hague and Non Hague treaty signatory countries, from 250 Euros to 2,500 Euros all included. Professionals and Registered Barristers-Solicitors plus authorized legal Process Servers within the E.E.C. Our Affidavit of service in English includes legal text back up and evidence, always authenticated for validity abroad.