International Process Servers 
Serving Hague formal or informal and Non Hague signatories.
Everywhere in Europe or Eurasia: Rush, Private Personal or simple.
European Process Servers
WELCOME to Serve fast Europe 2015 for Hague and Non Hague service: A Reliable, Immediate and Legal international service of process, by professional legal International Process Servers anywhere within Europe and Eurasia (Ex-USSR), all countries and cities (including remote locations). Services are completed  with confidentiality, Integrity and are back up by registered and insured legal professionals. We are Legal Couriers, Judicial Officers and Judiciary Attorneys in Civil and Commercial matters for Judicial or extra-Judicial matters. Our Affidavits of service are in English always authenticated.

Our services are always compliant with the Hague Convention of 1965 and with European Regulations. For Non Hague countries, we research and apply the maximum respect for local and foreign rules of procedure to guarantee future "exequatur". These services are guaranteed in delivery to the addressee in any location.

International Service of Process by the Hague Convention, known as Hague Service Convention proposes two kins of Process Service; the formal Process Service, governmental,   which is completed by  "Judicial Officers" or its equivalent in that Jurisdiction and the Informal Process Service, proposed in Art. 10, which can be completed also by a Judicial Officer or its equivalent, reason why both methods of service have the same legal hierarchy. No all Hague Signatories accept art. 10 in full; exceptional authorizations can be obtained from the Central Authority.

Non Hague Signatory Countries service,  where in general there is no legal frame or International serving guidelines treaty, must follow their internal laws of procedure, if they exist, also must comply with Process Serving laws of the originating country. As International Private Law Attorneys and Judiciary Attorneys we propose you free research and legal advise of serving in non Hague Countries.

International service of Process and European Service of Process requires "diplomacy" and respect for foreign laws and regulations of Civil Procedure, indeed "International Litigation" requires a reliable "Process Server that will not abuse International Law": This is the essence of the Convention of Judicial Assistance and Cooperation or Hague Conference and thereto of our International services.

Note that in all cases a person can accept service voluntarily, a legal waiver by signature, meaning that the person submits to the Jurisdiction where the Judgment will take place without any other legal consideration, same applies to language barriers.

On the other hand, there is no need to translate English written documents to serve, since many addressees accept voluntarily these documents.Indeed and In any case, what is important when serving, is not the language,  but the "due diligence" or "due service of process". Our services of process includes free legal initial legal consultation  to addressee by a local Attorney at Law (Indirect legal referral service) and an answer back possibility. Our International Private law service, is what we consider legal and thereto acceptable.

"Ius gentium est quod naturalis ratio inter omnes homines constituit"